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Conquer Your Business Obstacles: 5 Steps to Break Free

Two Christian women podcasters sitting on a couch looking at each other on a graphic that says how to conquer your business and break free from what is keeping you stuck.

In this women in business podcast episode, we’re diving into the common struggle of feeling stuck in our businesses. We’re dating ourselves here, but U2’s song “Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of,” has some real truth to it. So we’re talking about the various reasons that might be holding you back from progress, such as lack of knowledge, resources, time constraints, or fear of failure. Today, we’re going to do just that, and we’re channeling our bossy business-owner sides to guide you through the “5 Fingers” strategy. It is a simple approach that you can use to Conquer Your Business Obstacles- 5 Steps to Break Free.

Ready to Conquer your Business Obstacles? 5 Steps to Break Free

Sometimes, all we need is a clear action plan to break free from the stagnation and get the ball rolling again. By using your hand, you can easily remember how to work through these steps!

Thumb: Name It

The first step in overcoming any challenge is to acknowledge it. If you’ve been feeling stuck, it’s essential to identify and name the issue that’s been holding you back. By doing so, you take control and prevent the problem from reigning over you. So, give yourself a thumbs up for having the courage to name it and face it head-on.

Pointer Finger: Pray 

In times of uncertainty, turning to prayer can provide much-needed guidance and wisdom. Just as James 1:5 encourages, when you lack understanding, seek help from God. Your pointer finger and thumb go hand in hand like chopsticks, indicating that sometimes, you might need divine assistance to identify the obstacles that are keeping you stuck.

Middle Finger: Break It Down

We’re using the middle finger to symbolize breaking it down! When faced with a colossal task that seems overwhelming, the key is to break it down into smaller, manageable pieces. Remember, you can’t eat an elephant all in one bite. By breaking the challenge into smaller components, you’ll find it easier to tackle them one by one.

Ring Finger: Make an Investment

Just like the valuable rings on the left ring finger, you must invest in the resources needed to overcome the obstacle. Whether it’s taking a relevant course, seeking advice from experienced individuals, participating in a power planning day, or engaging in an empowerment call, investing in the right resources can empower you to move forward with confidence.

Pinkie Finger: Take Action 

Despite being the smallest finger, the pinkie plays a vital role, and you would be lost without it. Similarly, taking action, no matter how small or scary it may seem, is crucial to getting unstuck. Utilize the insights gained from identifying the issue (Thumb) and seeking guidance (Pointer Finger), and the breakdown of tasks (Middle Finger) along with the resources you’ve invested in (Ring Finger) to propel you forward. Remember, taking action might be messy and frightening, but it is the key to breaking free from the moment of stagnation.

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