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Make It Happen and Achieve Your Goals Through Strategic Planning

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Ready to Make it Happen in Your Business and Acheive Your Goals?

Do you spend more time working ON your business instead of IN your business? If you are struggling to get the deep work done – tasks that take an hour or longer to really get into – then you might be suffering from guppy syndrome! It’s time to do the real whale work, by diving deeply into your business. How do you do that? We’re talking all about making it happen in your business so you can achieve your goals through strategic planning. 

Decide You Need a Day (or a Couple of Days)

If you are struggling in your business to do the deep work, then it’s time to set aside a day or a couple of days to get away from the distractions, and focus on some of the tasks you’ve been avoiding. We’ve got a series of questions to help you decide how to do this. Grab our free guide to creating your best Power Planning Day here.

Do the Work Ahead of TimeMake sure you are planning

Don’t show up to this day without having done some work ahead of time. Clean up your files, outline your email sequence, gather the necessary graphics for your sales page. By taking time to think through what you want to do on this day, you can better set yourself up for success on the Power Planning Day. And…don’t forget to pray!

Make a PlanBe Strategic

Make a clear plan for your day. You might deviate from the plan, but you can always fall back to it when you get distracted or overwhelmed. Decide what your #1 task is that you want to accomplish as well as when you are going to work and where. Don’t forget to plan ahead for child care, after school pick ups and dinner!

Take Time to Reflect

When your day or weekend is done, take some time to reflect. How do you feel like the day went? Did you accomplish what you said you were going to do? Did your plan work? Then think about how you can use the momentum you’ve built from today to carry you through the next few weeks in your business. Make It Happen and Achieve Your Goals Through Strategic Planning so your business will thrive!

Start planning for your first Power Planning Day now. Need help? Join us for our Make It Happen Weekend in July! We’ve got 6 spots available for faith-driven women who want to make a difference in their business in 2023. We’re making it happen in the mountains of Colorado and we want YOU to be there! Check out more information here and sign up today!

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Looking for help to plan your own Power Planning Day? Get our free guide here!

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