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Breaking Down Your Numbers

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We have a special treat for you on today’s women in business podcast. Joining us today is Barbara LaPolla with Jase Accounting Solutions, which offers CFO services plus bookkeeping to small business owners. If all of that talking about accounting just made your head spin, then this episode is for you. Barbara is helping us break down the importance of breaking down your numbers  in your business – you can’t avoid it if you want to be successful – and also sharing about her journey as an accountant, mom, and now small business owner.

The Journey of an Entrepreneur

Everyone’s journey looks different – and Barbara’s is unique to her. But in some ways, they are all similar – we get started on one path and realize that it might not actually be what we want, so we make a small pivot – or even a big one – to get where God is actually asking us to go. Barbara started as a Public Accountant, but quickly realized the hours were keeping her from spending time with her family. Find out how she made the change to owning her own firm! 

Mistakes You Might Be Making in Your Business

When it comes to running a business, most of us want to do the work we love – like taking pictures or coaching – not running numbers and worrying about taxes. Barbara is breaking down the simple steps you can take as a business owner to both look legit and have a legal business.

The Benefits of Outsourcing to an Expert

At some point in your business (and it’s probably sooner than you think), you’re going to want to hire a bookkeeper, a tax advisor, and also a CFO. Even though you might not be bringing in a lot of money, these types of supporters in your business offer many benefits. One is peace of mind; you know that your money is being stewarded well, taxes are being paid on time, and that you can be paid yourself. You’ll also get time back to do the things you actually enjoy in your business. And all of that gives you the freedom you were looking for when you started your business! 

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