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We used to be just like you. Overwhelmed and exhausted by trying to run our businesses the way everyone else said we should...instead of the way God was calling us to. Now we help other business owners find their sweet spot and run a business that is profitable and life-giving.

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Join us each week on the podcast as we breakdown running a faith-led business. From inviting God into your business and finding community to how to outsource and marketing ideas...we gotcha covered! We want to be your new business besties who help and encourage you along the way. Listen in as we share our faith and businesses with you.

Our superpower is empowering women to be the CEO that God has called them to be through practical tips and strategies to breakdown their business so it doesn't have a breakdown.

Practical Biz Tips & Strategies

We’re ditching the technical terms and complicated strategies that have caused all of us to have our own breakdown at some point along the way. We give you practical tips to move the needle so you can be productive, intentional and empowered.

To Break Down Your Biz YOUR Way

Are you tired of all the voices telling you what you should do in your business? Do you waste endless hours trying to implement all of the tips, tricks and hacks you see online? Time to ditch the way other people say you HAVE to run your business and figure out what works best for you.

We have learned that once we turned our lives and our businesses over to God and invited Him to speak into those areas of our lives, He showed up in a big way. 

How to Invite God Into Your Biz

what you'll learn here: 


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5: When Consistency and Hard Work Aren't Working

3: Finding Your Business Sweet Spot

59: 4 Game-Changing Lessons from Starting Our Own Christian Business Podcast

57: Overcoming Pivot Anxiety in Entrepreneurship

55: Insights Into Effective Marketing and Pricing


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We’re former teachers turned business owners who are passionate about helping Christian women become the experts of their business. 

We equip you with the tools and skills you need to be an empowered CEO, making the best decisions to maximize impact and income for your unique business.

We love solid business strategy, Jesus and keeping it real! We want to help you....break it down.

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We are Lisa Lord & Sarah Jacobson


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