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Mindset Myths – How to Overcome Lies with Biblical Truth

Two Christian women business owners looking at each other questioningly about mindset myths and how to overcome them with biblical truth for Christian women in business for a Christian women podcast.

What does mindset have to do with business? On today’s women in business podcast, we’re diving into the complex realm of mindset – a hot topic that’s been gaining traction in recent years. We’re talking about myths we hear about mindset as Christians, and invite you to ask God what he has to say about the topic as we talk about how to overcome lies with biblical truth. 

How to Overcome Lies with Biblical Truth: What is Mindset?

Mindset literally means- what our minds are set on – our habitual mental attitude that shapes our interpretations and responses to life’s situations. This is in contrast with the worldly mindset, which often centers on self-achievement and positivity. With a biblical mindset, we can prioritize God’s kingdom and righteousness above all. 

How to Overcome Lies with Biblical Truth: Fixed vs. Growth Mindset

We have two choices when it comes to mindset: Fixed mindset or a growth mindset. Having a fixed mindset can have detrimental effects on our business growth. It often leads to a scarcity mindset, which limits our belief about what’s possible. In contrast, having a growth mindset allows us to continually improve our thinking which opens up our minds to new possibilities. As Christians, we need to set our minds on God and who he is. When we understand his character and how he works, then we can start living that out in our lives. 

How to Overcome Lies with Biblical Truth: Practical Steps to Combating a Mental Block 

The power of having your mind set on the right things is where we see breakthroughs happen. A great way to help you get started is to set aside some time to really get vulnerable with what your mind is set on. Find verses that can help support you where you feel like you’re believing lies or setting your mind on the wrong things. Check out the episode for our other practical steps you can take to break through how your mind is holding you back and How to Overcome Lies with Biblical Truth. 

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