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Writing a Book for Your Business

A picture of a Christian business author and book writer about how writing a book for your Christian business might be a good idea!

Today on the women in business podcast, we’re excited to be talking with Sherry Ward, CEO of Square Tree Publishing. Her company helps authors write books and they are also moving into the realm of movies. Don’t think you are an author? Tune in to today’s podcast to learn how you can leverage a book to generate leads in your business and see if writing a book for your business is a good idea!

The Role of Books in Business

A book is a really good way to bring in business for your company. The book is not the end goal – it’s just a starting place. Sherry tells us to think of a book like a glorified business card. In addition, you can create a lead magnet that is juicy and memorable and put it in the front of your book. Use a very easy-to-remember URL that people can go to in order to access that lead magnet (check out to get Sherry’s lead magnet created just for our episode!). Hot tip: make this link trackable, so you know where your leads come from!

3 Phases of a Book Launch

Writing a book is really a journey, where you are involving your audience from the beginning. In the Pre-launch phase, you’re reaching out to others to join you in your book writing process. You can use their audience as part of your book writing journey. Then, you are actually launching your book, working towards becoming a Best Seller on Amazon in your category. Once you have that status, you always have that status. The post-launch goal is to then sell whatever product you have – whether you are a speaker, a coach, have a course or product to sell. 

Tailoring the Strategy for Different Purposes

Anyone can benefit from writing a book. It doesn’t have to be a long book – and 20-30,000 words can be a great length. There’s something about having a physical book vs. an ebook that helps build your credibility. 

When writing a book for business, you have to start with the end in mind. What is the goal that you want in the end? And then work backwards from there – and the lead generator is just the first piece of that puzzle. This is the most important piece of the plan. 

Giving God Your Yes When Writing a Book for Your Business

In the end, it’s not about launching the book, it’s about launching the person. In the end, you can have a plan for your book and for your business, but God is going to open up doors you never could have imagined. A book can serve a number of purposes for you, as the author – it can be an extension of your business if you already have a blog, or it can be part of your own personal healing. And if writing isn’t your thing, then part of the process might be hiring a ghostwriter! 

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