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The Christian Entrepreneur’s Guide to Manifesting

A cover photo for a podcast by Christian women in business about manifesting and how that fits into your life and business as a Christian entrepreneur.

We’re breaking down a topic that has gained widespread attention in recent years, but often resides in the New Age realm: manifesting. While these ideas and philosophies may seem distant from our Christian beliefs, they have subtly permeated the business world, impacting our ways of thinking and operating. As responsible Christian business owners, it’s crucial to understand what manifesting is, what it isn’t, how it influences us, and what God’s Word says about it. Join us as we navigate this complex topic with discernment and seek God’s wisdom together with a Christian entrepreneur’s guide to manifesting on today’s women in business podcast episode.

The Christian Entrepreneur’s Guide to Manifesting: What Is Manifesting?

We begin by exploring what manifesting means in the secular or New Age context, where individuals believe they can attract into their lives whatever they focus on. This often involves techniques like visualization, affirmations, and meditation, with the emphasis on the individual’s thoughts and intentions shaping their reality. All too often, this can be really confusing, because it is very close to the truth. But we know that a half truth is still a lie. 

The Christian Entrepreneur’s Guide to Manifesting: What Does the Bible Tell Us?

Our first encouragement is for you to read the bible for yourself and to pray and ask for God’s wisdom in discerning the truth. God does offer a biblical perspective on manifesting, which differs significantly from worldly notions. In the Bible, manifesting is about the outpouring of Jesus working in our lives, displaying the evidence of His presence so that others may see Him in us. It’s about living out our new identity in Christ and allowing the Holy Spirit to guide us in all that we do.

There is an importance for us as Christian business owners to discern between worldly manifesting and biblical manifesting – the former can lead us away from relying on God and His power. By putting ourselves at the center and seeking to attract what we want, we risk idolizing our desires and robbing God of His glory.

The Christian Entrepreneur’s Guide to Manifesting: So What’s a (Christian) Girl to Do?

As we navigate this complex topic, we encourage you to ask questions, seek the truth in God’s Word, and partner with Him in the work He has for you. Memorize God’s word so you can speak his truth over yourself when you face the temptation of manifesting on your own. We must be wise and discerning as we build our businesses, relying on the Holy Spirit to guide us and combat any unhealthy or selfish thinking.

In the end, whatever questions you’re asking, if you use mine as an example or you have some other questions that you like to use when you’re discerning, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Run towards the truth. Know God’s Word because you’re reading it, you’re memorizing it, and then manifest God’s work in your own life by partnering with Him to do the work that He has for you to do. The Christian Entrepreneur’s Guide to Manifesting is here to help you know what manifesting is and what it isn’t in the world and how that can be impacting you. 

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