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Are You Sowing Seeds of Desperation in Your Business?

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Wherever you go, you bring your energy with you. When Sarah was a school administrator, no matter what meeting she had just attended – which might have been heated – she had to work hard to bring the right energy with her as she went about the building. The same goes for Lisa in her business. The traffic on the way to the photoshoot might have been terrible, but the customer needs a friendly face and a confident photographer. How you show up in your business will radiate out to your clients. Without realizing it, you might be sowing seeds of desperation in your business. And it’s impacting you more than you know. 

Signs Of Desperation

Here are some signs you might be sowing seeds of desperation. 

  1. Your marketing is more centered around you vs. your audience. 
  2. Your body language on camera or in person might be showing your desperation. 
  3. You’re going after your non-ideal client just to make a sale. 
  4. You are abnormally or obnoxiously pushy. 
  5. You are constantly changing your offer to bend over backwards for others. 

In order to avoid these signs, be super clear about what you offer. Know your audience and the transformation that you offer. Practice, practice, practice talking about your business when you are just starting out. 

How Desperation is Impacting Your Business

Desperation is impacting your business and your clients aren’t buying from you. Your marketing, social media posts, and sales offers are coming across as desperation. People buy from others who are confident. Ultimately, they may buy from you, but then they end up being dissatisfied because you over promised and underperformed or it didn’t get them the transformation they were looking for. In the end, they might want a refund or they don’t leave you a review. The consequences start to spin out of control. Remember, clear is kind. You can’t lose when you are clear about what you offer, who you offer it to, and what the transformation is that you sell. 

Are You Sowing Seeds of Desperation in Your Business?

You have a choice to sow different seeds. You have permission to do this differently. If you’ve always been someone who has sown in fear and desperation, you can make a change. In addition, you have to sow the seeds, water them, weed them, and care for them. You have to be consistent, every day. You can’t just plant the seeds and walk away.

Psalm 126 from The Message

It seemed like a dream, too good to be true,

when God returned Zion’s exiles.

We laughed, we sang, we couldn’t believe our good fortune.

We were the talk of the nations—

“God was wonderful to them!”

God was wonderful to us;

we are one happy people.

And now, God, do it again—

bring rains to our drought-stricken lives

So those who planted their crops in despair

will shout “Yes!” at the harvest,

So those who went off with heavy hearts

will come home laughing, with armloads of blessing.

By recognizing these symptoms, seeing how it is impacting your business and looking to the bible, you can feel good about answering the question, “are you sowing seeds of desperation in your business”.

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