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Business Buyer Beware: Don’t Get Duped

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Happy Sales Overload Week! You get so much thrown at you this week for Black Friday! And there will be some great sales out there – with good advertising that pulls you in. We want to help you make solid decisions about what to buy, and not buy, this weekend! This is a great weekend to step into being the CEO of your business as you make a purchase – either way, it’s business buyer beware: don’t get duped! 

What Do You NEED for Your Business? 

Take a minute to write a list of what you actually need in your business right now. What are some upcoming expenses you have that you really need? This could be education, products, or equipment. Do the thinking ahead of time, so you know what to look for and what to ignore. Also spend time thinking about what your budget actually is. There will be a lot of good sales pitches coming your way and it’s not worth going into debt on a whim. Sometimes debt can be good, but not based on an emotional buying decision. Confidently say no to what is coming your way and be ready for when they are on sale to be able to say yes.

Will This Move My Business Forward?

Alleviate the shiny object syndrome by answering this question before hitting “purchase”. This takes a lot of self-awareness to know where your business is right now, what you need and where you are headed in the next year. Instead of being wishy-washy about your business, take a few minutes ahead of time to know exactly what will be the best purchase to move your business forward. This puts you in the driver’s seat instead of someone else deciding for you because they had an amazing sales page.  

Do You Have the Bandwidth to Invest Right Now?

If you purchase something right now – education or equipment – do you have the capacity to start using it right now? Start thinking about your purchases as a time investment as well as a monetary one. As business owners, we also have to look to the future and what you have the capacity for this coming year. Is this really the best time to be investing in something that will take 3-6 months or longer into the future if your spring is going to be crazy? 

Will You Lose Money by Signing Up Now?

If you sign up for this program right now, will you be able to start using it right now? If it’s a monthly subscription and you won’t be using it for 3-4 months, then it’s not worth it to purchase it right now, even if it is on sale. If you can’t go all in on the program, equipment, or service, then just wait to purchase it until later. There is an emotional piece to buying as well. If you purchase it and don’t use it, then you have a guilt hanging over your head, which takes up space in our brain.

Business Buyer Beware: Don’t Get Duped

Download our Free ADDS Model Guide and learn how you can make expert decisions in your business. Print it out and use it as a guide before you purchase. 

Talk to a Biz Bestie – a friend, your spouse, a coach – before you make an investment. Listen to our episode on how to find a biz bestie if you don’t have one yet!

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Pray and trust the process. God wants to guide you in your decision making process! We hope these help you to be a business buyer beware: don’t get duped.

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