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Why You Should Plan for the New Year in the 4th Quarter

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You don’t have to feel behind when the calendar rolls from one year to the next. You can actually put your business ahead by doing some work now in December. What you need is an action plan. On today’s podcast we’re not only talking about how to create that action plan, but also why you should plan for the new year in the 4th quarter. 

December is Typically a Slower Month

Start planning ahead now while business is a little slower. Don’t take the whole month off. It can shoot you in the foot because you don’t know what you’re doing when the new year starts. If you spend a little bit of time now, you can plan ahead and then hit the ground running on January 1. It’s not necessarily about figuring out every little detail for the entire year, it’s about having a general idea of where you’re going. 

Start the Year with a Plan 

We’re tired in January. The holidays take a lot out of us. If we wait until January to create a plan, we’ll just put it off and potentially lose the entire month. Take some time now to get ahead and start with a plan. 

Here are some simple steps to follow to create a plan: 

  1. Take 10-15 minutes to reflect the last 90 days to 6 months. How did I do in my business? Did I accomplish what I wanted to accomplish? Am I on my way to becoming who I want to become? This isn’t just about doing all the things, but also becoming who God is asking me to become. 
  2. Take 10-15 minutes to think about where you are both personally and in your business right now. What’s going on right now (both positive and negative)? Where am I right now? Celebrate what you’ve accomplished. Take note of where you need to do some work. 
  3. Take 30 minutes to think about your future. Invite God into the process. Ask for direction. What is he inviting you into in the new year? What are your goals? What do you need to invest in? What roadblocks are you facing that you need to break down? Hand over your plan to God – ask him for wisdom to see what you’re missing or if you’re on the right track. 

Having a Plan is a Good Way to Run a Business

It puts you ahead of other businesses who aren’t planning ahead. You also know your schedule, so it frees up brain space. People often think that having a plan ties you down, but it actually frees you up! This is the difference between playing offense and defense in our business. We are living on the defense – we’re just responding and reacting to everything. Instead, we can go on the offense for 2024 and plan ahead. You are stepping into God’s plan for you and saying yes to his invitation and not just waiting around for something to happen. 

Proverbs 21:5 from The Message Careful planning puts you ahead in the long run. Hurry and scurry puts you further behind. 

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