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How to Find Your Business Bestie

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Being an entrepreneur can be lonely, especially if you are a work from home solopreneur. The work might be fun and fulfilling, but it can get old doing the work on your own day in and day out. God created us to be in community! We need other people speaking into our lives and encouraging us in our business (besides our husbands) – so that’s why we’re breaking down how to find your business bestie on today’s episode!

You Might Need to Change Your Expectations

Finding a friend, let alone your biz bestie can be hard. Sometimes it is challenging because we simply have unrealistic expectations for the relationship. Changing your expectations for this new friend can help you ease into the relationship and build it slowly over time. 

Be Picky

This is not a time to be desperate and you are allowed to be picky about who you choose. Your business is your livelihood and you don’t want just anyone coming into your inner circle. You are really looking for an ally in your business and you want to be clear on what kind of person you want to let in. 

Take a Risk + Do the Work

If you’ve been burned by bad relationships in the past, you might need to be brave enough to take a risk. You can guard your heart and put yourself out there. Past hurts also need to be addressed in your own life so that you can be the kind of friend that other people want to have. 

Where Do I find My Business Bestie?

Ask God for help – he wants us to be in community. Ask yourself what kind of friend you are looking for and where you want to find them. Then start looking – at church, online, in local groups. Ask God to open your eyes to the possibilities around you! 

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