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Redefining Rest: You Need More Than Just Self-Care to Thrive

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What does the bible actually say about rest? You’d probably be surprised if you read it and looked at what it says about rest and work! In Genesis 1, God creates the universe and he also sets up the day in a different way than you would think – he sets it up for rest, even from the beginning. We’re diving into redefining rest today and how it is more than self-care and you need it more than you think ad why you need to get beyond self-care to thrive!

Redfining Rest: Develop a Healthy Relationship With Work

Work is not a bad thing. God never says that it is something we shouldn’t do. In fact, he gives us specific work to do and even tells us there will be work to do in heaven. The problem is our relationship with work. 

There Is More to Rest than Napping

Rest isn’t just about napping (although that can be good) or self-care that is trendy or Instagramable. There are all kinds of rest that we can do! Dr. Sandra Dalton-Smith gives us 7 kinds of rest in her book, Sacred Rest. When we find ourselves exhausted in one area of our lives, we need to do the kind of rest that matches that exhaustion. Resting is more than just physical – it can be emotional, creative, social, or even sensory. 

Fully Understand What the Sabbath Is

Sabbath is a gift from God. He gave us one whole day a week set aside to just be. The Israelites came out of Egypt having worked 7 days a week and God said – your life is going to be different now! When we understand that man is not made for Sabbath, but Sabbath for man, we know that this a good thing to understand!

Remember Mary and Martha?

Mary and Martha get a bad rap! Jesus isn’t telling Martha that her work is bad – he is just reminding her that her worth is not wrapped up in doing the work. He wants her to sit and enjoy being in his presence and to be fully present in what was happening. Our work is not bad, it just has to be put in the proper order. We need rest to be at the forefront of our lives – we need it more than we think!

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