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10 Ways to Build a Strong and Legitimate Online Presence for Your Business

Two Christian women podcasters sitting with their podcast mics looking at each other talking about 10 ways to make your business legitimate online for a Christian women's business podcast.

We’ve all seen the businesses who are just starting out – sadly, most of the time you can spot them a mile away. They tend to have bad graphics, no cohesive brand, poor photos, and unclear messaging… The sad part is, there are a lot of great things about working with those who are just starting or even for those who have already been in business for a while! Today we’re diving into 10 ways to build a strong and legitimate online presence for your business so you can level up!

10 Ways to Build a Strong and Legitimate Online Presence for Your Business and Stand Out from the Crowd

10. Get a professional email (Go back and check out Episode 11 for more)

9. Get the same handle across all social media platforms – even if you won’t use it right away

8. Be intention if you’re going to use your personal social media accounts with years worth of stuff on it 

7. Register your biz with the state – consult a lawyer/accountant for the best choice for you

6. Use good photos (We talk all about this at length on Episode 14)

5. Have 1 clear offer

4. Consistent branding – colors, visual images, messaging

3. Get your own bank account (Go back and check out Episode 11 for more) Looking for a good online bank for small business owners? Check out Novo. (affiliate link)

2. Pick one problem to solve – be knowing for solving ONE problem (Want more about this? Check out Episode 3, which is all about finding your Sweet Spot and Episode 13 all about developing your elevator pitch)

1. Pick one thing and do it well – listen in to this week’s episode to find out what we say about this one! 

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