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Creating a Captivating Elevator Pitch

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Have you ever been to a party and had someone ask you what you do and then the conversation immediately dies? Do you struggle with what to say when someone asks you this question? Instead of giving a one word answer, it’s time to develop your captivating elevator pitch to draw them into the conversation and share the value that you are adding to the world through your business! Learn how creating a captivating elevator pitch might be just what you need! 

Think Like a Party Guest

Talking in an elevator can get kind of awkward, so instead, think like a party guest. Be ready to clearly communicate what you do so you can invite people into conversation. You never know when you’ll make a connection, build your network, or even make a sale. But you can’t do that if you aren’t prepared for what to say. 

Tell a Story

Instead of giving a one-word answer, be ready to tell a story. This doesn’t have to be all the gory details of your life, but 2-3 sentences that describe what you do, why you do it, and who you help.

Be Ready with a Creative and Captivating Elevator Pitch

When you prepare ahead of time, then sharing your story will be easier. You need to take time to write it out, practice it so it comes out naturally, and be willing to re-write it if it falls flat. 

God Will Create Opportunities

If you are faithful to prepare and practice, God will provide opportunities for you to share and practice. But, you’ll need to make yourself available, too. Put your phone down, take time to look around you, and then be ready to share what you do when asked! Be brave, and open the door to conversation as well. Hopefully these tips will help you in creating a captivating elevator pitch. 

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