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Unleashing Your Potential- Own Your Awesomeness

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Welcome to this week’s podcast bonus episode – Beth Hess! Beth is a messaging coach who helps owners learn about the words they use in their business to talk about themselves. This is a deep dive into marketing and how Unleashing Your Potential- Own Your Awesomeness will skyrocket your business! 

Telling People’s Stories

Beth is a self-proclaimed “word girl”. As a former journalist, she’s been telling other people’s stories her whole life. After an unexpected layoff during the pandemic, she now uses her skills as a journalist to help other business owners name their own amazingness and put it in their own words. 

She shares that we were given our gifts for a reason. God had a plan for us and we need to use them. You don’t have to be all things to all people; you can be unique. It’s OK if not everyone likes the way you do what you do – invite the people who want the experience you offer to work with you.

Owning Your Amazingness

Beth uses a very conversational approach to helping you own your amazingness. She helps you remember who you are and (even though you don’t really need it), gives you the permission you might think you need to do what you do. People care about your story – so tell it well! 

You are the key to your brand, so it’s time to unleash your potential and own your amazingness. All the skills, training, design, your personality, your mix that makes you uniquely you – God knew what he was doing! And everyone else has their amazingness, too! God did not gift us with skills he wanted us to hide. It’s time to let your amazingness shine in your marketing. By Unleashing Your Potential- Own Your Awesomeness will shine through.

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