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Preparing for a Productive Summer: Advice for Business Owners

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Summertime is right around the corner – and with it comes the sun, pool time, and a more relaxed pace. But for many, it can also bring the challenge of how to get the work done when your kids are home. All too often, you can feel the tension between getting work done in your business and spending time with your family. How can you juggle it all? We’re talking about preparing for a productive summer and giving you our best advice for business owners! 

Set Expectations Now and Start Working Ahead

Don’t wait until the first day your kids come home for summer vacation to make a plan. Start now. Set your expectations for what you want to work on in your business this summer. Batch now, work ahead, plan out your Social Media. By doing one extra thing for the next 6 weeks, you can get yourself 6 weeks ahead! 

Do What Is Realistic

Know your limitations. You can’t do it all. If you know your kids are going to be home and need more attention, don’t plan a huge launch or sale for your business. Also, make a plan for your kids to go to camp, spend time with the grandparents, or have activities for the morning to keep them occupied. Set your priorities, make a plan, and then be realistic about what you can actually get done this summer. 

Communicate Your Expectations

It’s OK if you need to change your expectations this summer. You might do less coaching calls, or only ship one day a week. Whatever you decide, communicate it to your clients. Most people are pretty flexible. If you need to work in the mornings or take time to get work done in the evenings, communicate that to your family members now. 

Adjust Your Schedule 

Running a business takes sacrifice. In order to be more present with your kids, you might need to adjust something in your schedule. Get up early. Work in the evenings. Watch less TV. Take on less clients. Start thinking now about what you want your summer to look like. Plan ahead. And then…enjoy!

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