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From Fear to Freedom: The Key to Getting Ahead in Business

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Mark Twain said, “The secret to getting ahead is getting started.” It sounds so easy, but why do we struggle with this so much? There can be a lot of fear in starting something new – but the biggest difference between those who have a successful business and those who don’t – is the ones who were willing to just start. Today we’re diving into the topic of From Fear to Freedom- The Key to Getting Ahead in Business. 

From Fear to FreedomYou are Never Going to Be Ready 

The hard truth is, you’re never going to be ready. There will always be something standing in your way – time, energy, money, resources. So quit using those as excuses and just start. Ask yourself why you’re scared to take that next step and then ask what’s the worst that can happen. Being willing to fail forward is a key to being a successful entrepreneur. 

The Key To Getting Ahead in BusinessDo It Scared  

People at the “top” look like they have it all together….but they don’t. We are all scared inside. Even Jesus sweated blood before the cross. He knew it was going to be hard, scary, and lonely. But he did it scared anyway. Having a business bestie, a friend, a spouse who can really support you in your next step can be a game changer!

Change Your Mindset to Help you Get Ahead in Business

The bible tells us that we should renew our minds (Romans 12:2) – what we were thinking yesterday won’t get us where God wants us to go today. “I can’t do this.” “I’m never going to be successful.” “I am going to fail.” …all of those types of thoughts derail us from what God is inviting us into! Instead, pray and ask God to help you. Another way to help you with your mindset is to set a goal, put a date on it.  Share that goal with others!

From Fear to FreedomThe Power of “What If”

 Ask yourself, “What if I don’t do this?” What is the fallout of not obeying? What will I regret if I don’t do this? Moses almost missed out on some serious blessings – like being face to face with God – because he was afraid. Use the power of what if to help encourage you to take one step today and go From Fear to Freedom- The Key to Getting Ahead in Business. 

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