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Finding Your Business Sweet Spot

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Everyone has specific skills and abilities that God wants them to use in their business! This week’s women in business podcast episode is all about finding your business sweet spot – that place where you are using those God-given skills and abilities in a way that is fun for you, serves your client, and makes money. 

Find out how you can live out your sweet spot in your business – and what happens when you don’t! 

Finding Your Business Sweet Spot

Where has God gifted you? You really can’t afford to ignore your gifts and abilities – and you might even be underestimating the power you have. But when you ignore these in your business, it’s going to feel like you’re pushing a rock up a hill every day. 

There’s a Cost to Not Being in Your Sweet Spot

When you don’t build a business in alignment with your sweet spot, it can actually be painful. You’ll have to constantly be learning new things and doing things in your business that simply aren’t in your wheelhouse. In the end, your business will suffer. If you want to learn how to get over a tumbling mental block in your business – the best way might be to evaluate if you are working from your sweet spot. 

Your Sweet Spot Might Change

Ultimately over time, your sweet spot might change. Your schedule, your stage of life, your perspective, and your skill set may all lead to this change. Take time now, at the start of the year, to evaluate if you are in your sweet spot or if maybe you just need a little break. 

It’s Not Really About You

While you want to be building a business out of your sweet spot, your business is really all about serving your client. You have to be building something that offers a meaningful transformation for them, too!

This process doesn’t have to be overwhelming or time-consuming! Grab Sarah’s SALTS Finder (link below) and get started today! 

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