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Why is No One Talking About 1K Months?

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Why is no one talking about $1K months? Why is all the talk about having $10k and $50K months in online business? There’s no shame about starting, and even staying small in your business. 

In this Christian podcasts for women episode, we’re breaking down why you need to start with $1K months in your business – and even why you might want to stay there. Every business is different – make sure you’re building one you love. 

Start Small

When building your business, whether you are a coach, course-creator, or creative, you have to start somewhere. Going from 0-100 in your business is actually not helpful because you won’t be ready to serve a ton of people all at once and you certainly won’t be able to sustain it. 

Decide What You Want 

Decide what it is you actually want out of your business. Are you wanting to go full time? Do you want to simply add to your family’s budget? Do you have a desire to hire people to support your business? Knowing what you want will help guide how you build your business and what “success” looks like for you. 

Why is No One Talking about $1K Months? – Do Your Thing

Many strategies for building your business are tied to specific outcomes. The strategy a person is applying to their $50K/month business might not work for you, if you are having $1K months. Stop looking at what everyone else is doing, and do what is right for your business at this time.

Join us for this encouraging episode and then apply the ADDS model to ask yourself what God is inviting you into in your business. Do you have our freebie, Make Expert Business Decisions yet? Grab the link below!

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