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When Consistency and Hard Work Aren’t Working

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Every business owner – whether you are a coach, creative, or course-creator, hits a point in their business when consistency and hard work aren’t working. You’re doing the work, but the results simply aren’t there. 

It’s in these moments it’s so easy to just give up. Other business podcasts might give you complicated strategies – but we’re here to give you simple, practical tips to help you learn how to get over a tumbling mental block! As a Christian business women’s podcast, we’ve got to stick together! 

A Little Tweaking

There are times when you are doing the work, showing up consistently, but the results still aren’t there. A total overhaul isn’t necessary, but a little tweaking is. Don’t depend on just Googling or DIYing this – get the help you need for the biggest, quickest wins!

Doing Work that Isn’t Yours to DO

If you’re headstrong like we are – or even just a little stubborn, there might be times when consistency and hard work aren’t enough simply because you are doing work that isn’t yours to do. God may actually be inviting you into something different. Pause and take time to ask God what he wants you to be doing. 

When Consistency and Hard Work Aren’t Working – Just Keep Going 

It’s the dreaded phrases…trust the process. But sometimes this really is true. You have to keep going with the consistency and hard work, just keep going, and trust that it will all work out in the end. 

Using our ADDS model (do you have our free guide yet? Get it here!) will help you discern if your hard work and consistency might need a little tweaking, a total overhaul, or just perseverance to get through. Whatever your next step is, don’t keep going blindly with hard work and consistency – stop and evaluate if you might need a little change! 

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