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Inviting God into Your Business

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There’s a danger as we’re starting or scaling a business. That is to do what many ambitious entrepreneurs do – plow ahead, doing the hard work, but ultimately keeping your faith and business separate. Today on our Christian podcast for women, we’re talking all about inviting God into your business. 

Even if your faith isn’t at the forefront of your business, if you are a believer, then you have a Christian business! God wants to be part of it! He really is the best CEO, CFO, and owner of your business! Join us as we take a deep dive into inviting God into your business. 

How to Invite God into Your Business

If you want to invite God into your Business, a great first step is to name that you have been separating your business from your faith. What you do not name will rule and reign over your life. Another step you can take is to find other like-minded believers and business owners to help encourage you and hold you accountable! 

Inviting God into Your Business with Palms Up

Holding all things loosely in your business – physically holding your hands open helps to release your sense of control on your business. Palms up means being able to have loose hands, but also open hands to receive God’s blessing! As you hold those palms up, take time to pray for your business.

Get in God’s Word and Find Community

We were made to be in community! As we invite God into our businesses, we want to be in his word and also find community to encourage us and to also learn from. This doesn’t have to be complicated. Keep it simple! Join our community over on Instagram!

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