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Do you want Fries with That? Serving and Upselling Clients and Customers in Your Business

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Whether you are just starting out in your online business, or you’ve been serving your clients and customers for years, actually selling your products well can be a real challenge. For the next 4 weeks, we’re taking a look at what other businesses have done well, like fast food restaurants, and applying those strategies to ours. This week, we’re chatting all about serving and upselling clients and customers in your business. 

Think about the last time you went to a fast food restaurant and they asked “Would you like fries with that?” That’s serving you – and upselling their product! Most of the time, the answer is “yes, I do want fries!” Let’s look at ways you can apply this same type of question in your own online business to both serve and sell well. 

Are You Asking For the Sale?

Oftentimes, business owners think “I’m not making any sales!” But the real question to be asking is ”Am I asking for the sale?”. The client or customer you are working with might be desperately in need of the exact product you are selling. They are just waiting for you to ask! Be sure you are asking for the sale, and thinking through additional products that might serve them even better. 

Serving and Upselling Clients and Customers in Your Business

As you think through your client’s journey from start to finish, ask how can you serve them better? Think about any sticking points or pain points that you can help them resolve. That is value for them, and income for you! Be sure you are under promising and over delivering so they will want to refer your business to their friends. 

A Heart of Service

Remove the idea of sales and selling from your mindset if it is holding you back. Begin to replace the idea of selling with the idea of serving. You are helping your clients and customers solve a problem, invest in a product they need or want, and you have a way to enhance their life. That is service! 

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