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How to Pray for Your Business Every Day

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We’ve all done it: you sit down with your journal to pray for your business…and then…you don’t know what to pray. You know you want to pray, but when you don’t know how or what to pray for, it’s easy to skip altogether. Today, we’re diving into a vital yet often overlooked tool for our business journeys: prayer. We’re offering a very practical approach to praying for your business, starting with something as simple as a blank piece of paper. We’re breaking down how to pray for your business every day. 

Here’s How to Start Praying for Your Business

To begin, find a quiet space and take a moment to silence your heart, eliminating distractions. Psalm 23 is a wonderful passage to center yourself. Understand that this process may feel challenging if you’ve never partnered with God in your business before, and that’s perfectly okay. This exercise can be done in pencil, allowing it to evolve over time. Our journey begins with insights from Kim Avery’s book, The Prayer Powered Entrepreneur.

A Practical Guide for Praying for Your Business

Here’s a straightforward method to pray for your business. Grab a blank piece of paper (or get our free guide in our Value Vault) and number it from 1 to 30, with 1 to 15 spaced out on the front and 16 to 30 on the back. Divide your prayers into five categories: praying for yourself as a business owner, partnering with God in your business, serving your clients, living out your work, and impacting the world through your business.

Dividing Up The Categories

For the first six numbers, pray for yourself as a business owner. Ask for perseverance, flourishing, generosity, humility, and confidence. Next, pray for ways to partner with God in your business. Consider God as your partner, peace giver, provider, and generous giver. When praying for your clients, focus on serving them generously, wisely, being receptive to feedback, committed, and boldly.

For living out your work, pray for boundaries, commitment, dedication, rest, and a kingdom-focused approach. Finally, when considering the impact you want your business to have on the world, pray for healthy profit, being hope-filled, truth-giving, empowering, and investing in your family.

Daily Prayer for Your Business

Each month, concentrate on praying for one area, adjusting as necessary. If there are 31 days in the month, let God guide you on that last day. If you miss a day, simply move on to the next. Update this prayer list quarterly or annually to suit your needs.

Coming Up This Summer

Before we wrap up, we have an exciting announcement. In episode 16, we discussed the significance of rest. One of the greatest gifts God gave His people after they left Egypt was rest from their labor. Taking breaks weekly, quarterly, and annually is essential. Consequently, we’re taking a break next month to rejuvenate and let God restore us. As Rich Villodas notes, if Jesus hadn’t allowed His disciples to rest, they would have succumbed to exhaustion, stopped following Him, or become addicted to their work—temptations we all face.

During our break, we’re launching the SUMMER SABBATICAL SERIES, releasing an episode every Monday in July. We’ve selected some of our favorite episodes from the past year and a half to keep you encouraged and connected to your business. Even if you’ve heard them before, listen again to gain new insights. We’ll be active on Instagram throughout July, so join us there. We’ll return with new episodes on August 5. Enjoy your July, and stay blessed as you lead your business with faith.

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