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Strategies for Sharing Your Message

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In The Little Mermaid, Ariel’s desire to be able to “go where the people are” drives her to sell her voice to the evil Ursula in exchange for human legs. In order to make her true love fall for her, she has to do it without her voice. Without knowing your voice in business, no one is going to fall in love with you! You have to know your voice to convey your message. Today on this Christian women in business podcast episode, we are breaking down how to find your voice and then strategies for sharing your message.

Attract Your Tribe to Share Your Message

Firstly, let’s explore how to attract your tribe. Speaking to the right people transforms them into your biggest fans and natural marketers. They will champion your brand effortlessly. Consider the notion that your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room. So, what is your brand tribe saying about you? Reflect on past clients or customers who epitomized the ideal working relationship. What made these interactions successful? Was it their stage of life, gender, personality, or profession? Identify these characteristics and compile them into a document that outlines their thoughts, feelings, lifestyle, and preferences. The more detailed, the better. This clarity helps you target your ideal audience more effectively.

Be Consistent in Sharing Your Message

Next, we emphasize the necessity of consistency. Research shows that people need to hear a message multiple times—anywhere from seven to twenty-one times—before it registers. The challenge lies in delivering your message in diverse and engaging ways. Infuse your voice and messaging across all platforms, whether it’s video, audio, social media, or your website. Intentionality in every interaction is crucial. For instance, I began reinforcing my branding six months ago, and although the shift has been gradual, the results are beginning to show. Remember, persistence is key. This is a long game, and consistency will eventually pay off.

Be Willing to Brag About Your Business

Additionally, don’t be afraid to highlight your successes. Sharing testimonials, wins, and accomplishments not only showcases your results but also builds credibility. Why do we often hesitate to share our achievements and challenges? Vulnerability, whether in triumphs or setbacks, connects us with our audience. For example, Kelly Roach’s openness about her journey has made her a relatable and inspiring figure in the business community. Celebrate your milestones and let them validate your expertise.

Build Collaborations When Sharing Your Message

Finally, building collaborations is essential. Partnerships can amplify your reach and impact. Consider going live on Instagram or other platforms to share your story and collaborate with others. For instance, I have found great success by joining forces with my friend, Jo, on various projects. Collaboration breaks the isolation of entrepreneurship and opens new doors. If you’ve been struggling with an aspect of your business, reaching out to a collaborator might be the solution you need.

Your voice is a powerful tool in building your business and connecting with your audience. Whether you’re looking to attract your tribe, maintain consistency, share your successes, or forge meaningful collaborations, your voice and story matter. Keep speaking, keep sharing, and keep growing.

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