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How Celebrating Success Can Build a Stronger Business

A photo of a woman business owner looking up and confetti falling all around her as she celebrates business success and building a strong christian business on a podcast.

When we’re working on our business it can be hard to see the forest for the trees. We can be focused on the tasks at hand, doing the grind, and be discouraged about the lack of progress we’re making. Instead of staying in the grind, it’s time to lift our heads up and celebrate! This episode is all about tossing the confetti and learning how celebrating success can build a stronger business! 

Why Do We Celebrate?

We celebrate to give ourselves a flash of good dopamine. It tells our brain “this work is good and you should keep doing it”! We celebrate because it helps us keep focused on where we’re going. We can always go farther when we see where we’ve been. 

What Do We Celebrate? 

What you celebrate is unique to you – but a good rule of thumb is to celebrate tasks that are new and also tasks that are big. If you are trying to start a new social media cadence and it’s been a struggle, then celebrate when you have done a week of that new task. But once you’ve gotten it into a natural rhythm, you already know how to do it, so you move on to celebrating something else. 

You also celebrate something big. What’s monumental in your business? Celebrate the big hurdles you’ve had to get over. For us recently, it was celebrating the fact that we had done a weekly podcast every week for 3 months in a row! Now that’s big!

How Do We Celebrate?

How you choose to celebrate is also something that is unique to you. You get to decide what’s important to you and don’t compare to what other people celebrate. A good celebration always starts with prayer – and then you get to choose the rest – like celebrating with your Biz Bestie! (Looking for the episode on how to find one? Check it out here!)

The Benefits of Celebrating in Your BusinessTo make your business stronger

Celebrating in your business doesn’t have to be braggy. When you are motivated to share your business wins, it can have other benefits! It helps you stand out from your competition, as well as showing your audience you’ve had success. This can lead to new opportunities for you as well. The biggest benefit of celebrating your business is that it builds momentum. When you see how far you’ve come, you want to keep going! How Celebrating Success can Build a Stronger Business makes the journey so much more fun!

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