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How to Master the Review Game

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Why is Amazon so successful? They have learned to harness the power of reviews (plus 2-day shipping for that instant gratification). When you go to purchase anything, you want to know if you’re going to get your money’s worth. Amazon makes reading and leaving a review easy and people buy – or don’t buy – based on those reviews. As a small business owner, you need to know how to master the review game, too!

We’re doing a 2-part episode talking all about why you need to get reviews, where to use your reviews, and how to go about asking for reviews. Next week we’ll tackle what to do when someone leaves you a negative review – because it really is a matter of when, not if, you’ll get one! Don’t let the questions or fear of a bad review keep you from harnessing the power of customer reviews! 

Why You Need Reviews

You need reviews because they make your business look legit. By having good reviews, or testimonials, you are helping build your know, like, and trust factor. Having them also helps other people brag about your business for you!

Where to Use Reviews

Everywhere. You want to use those reviews in every place online so that people see your product or service works and is valuable. Use them in social media posts, at the end of your newsletter, on sales pages, and on your website. The opportunities to use reviews are endless. 

How to Get Reviews and Master the Game

The first rule of thumb to use for gathering reviews is to make it easy. People will not leave a review if it isn’t easy! Give them a button to click – don’t just direct them to “leave a review”. Ask them specifically what you would like them to review about. Add asking for reviews in your workflow so they have the opportunity to see it multiple times. 

Start Now with Gathering Reviews

Don’t wait – get started on gathering reviews today. They might help you get your next sale and help you figure out how to master the review game! 

Looking for help in getting started with how to master your customer reviews? Hop on an Empowerment Call with us today. We’ll help you create a custom plan and workflow for gathering reviews and using them across multiple platforms! 

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