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Profitable Pajamas: How to Be a Work From Home CEO

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Are you wearing pajamas or comfy clothes while you listen to this podcast? As a small business owner, the benefits of working from home are amazing – like being able to wear what we want while we work! But, there are also some downsides, too. There can be a tension between work and life, handling family being around home, and the boredom of sitting in the same spot day after day. Today we’re breaking down 10 strategies that will help you be profitable in your pajames- how to be a work from home CEO.  

How to Be a Work From Home CEO 

1. Have a dedicated work space. Working from the couch or kitchen counter can be tricky. You might have to make a workspace in your unfinished basement, or in your bedroom. 

2. Set regular work hours. Having a general idea of when you work helps you to be more disciplined and to communicate to others when you will be unavailable to help them. 

3. Have a go-to place that you can escape to when it is noisy or overwhelming at your house. Or schedule a regular time that you actually leave your house. Go to the library, a coffee shop,  a shared work space, your parent’s house, or some other location that is free from distractions and allows you to do deep work.

4. Keep it clean. I can’t handle clutter and mess so I can’t function when my house or kitchen is a mess. Keeping it clean helps me stay on track. This might be something you can outsource. 

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