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Feeling Alone in Business? Reflections from Our Christian Business Retreat

A podcast for Christian women business owners about feeling alone in their business and how to avoid it.

From the beginning, our dream for this women in business podcast was to host retreats. Both of us have been on retreats, including business-focused retreats, in the past and knew the benefits of being surrounded by other sisters in Christ. But we also knew we were going to do ours a little differently. If you are feeling alone in your business, you need to listen to the reflections from our Christian Business Retreat.

Feeling Alone in Business? Reflections from Our Christian Business Retreat

Listen in today to find out about our retreats, why you should come on our next one, and what the women who came to our first retreat have to say about it! 

You Aren’t Alone

Hopefully the most important thing you will take away from this episode is that you aren’t alone. You have to find community and invest in yourself and your business. Your biz bestie might be just around the corner if you take a leap of faith!

Is It Time to Invest?

Hearing from the women in this episode you see that their investment was totally worth it and they are better because of it, both in their business and in their life.

You will be encouraged and feel a little less alone in your business and mabye even want to come on our next Christian Business retreat.

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