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Leveraging God’s Truth About Money Anchors for Business Growth

Dr. Garrett Hope is a guest on the Christian Business Breakdown podcast to talk about money anchors and business growth for Christian business owners.

Being a Christian business owner in 2023 is not for the faint of heart. Between a shaky economy, reluctant buyers, and crowded industries, it can be easy to lose our courage to keep going. Toss in our own mindset challenges around our gifts and abilities, as well as money, and being bold in our faith, and it can be downright overwhelming. Leveraging God’s Truth About Money Anchors for Business Growth with Christian Business Coach, Dr. Garrett Hope is going to help you and your business! 

Today on the podcast, we’re talking through the good, the bad, and the ugly around money anchors. What does God actually says about taking risks? It is an encouragement for us to step out in faith to experience real business growth.

Talent Stacking + The Value of Gratitude

When it comes to gifts + talents, Dr. Hope recommends thinking of them in terms of talent stacking. We can ask ourselves, “what has God gifted me with?” as well as thinking about what we’ve learned and experienced to add to the stack. And when we feel like we are lacking in an area, whether it’s a skill or even having enough money, the value of simply being grateful can help us out more than we can imagine. 

Leveraging Money Anchors for Business Growth

Money Anchors. We’ve all got them. Some of them are helpful and keep our ship tethered safely to the shore in a storm while other money anchors are just holding us back from actually leaving the harbor. Some money anchors that might be holding you back are lies like “money doesn’t grow on trees” or “money is the root of all evil”. We have to examine what the Bible actually says about these money anchors to truly experience the business growth we’re hoping for. 

Taking a Risk for Our Business Growth

Being a business owner and a Christian means taking a risk. It is time to step out in faith and do the scary things God is asking us to do. Dr. Hope encourages us to examine if there is something we are facing right now that we simply can’t do, or that we just won’t do. Be encouraged! We serve the God of the universe and he is on our side – even in our business growth! Leveraging God’s Truth About Money Anchors for Business Growth is key to growing your business.

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