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The Power of Networking and Connecting for Every Business Owner

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Do you really need to network? What’s the difference between networking and connecting? Today we’re talking with special guest, Sara Barco, a Sales and Marketing Consultant who had to take a 6 week pitstop in a recliner following a medical emergency, right after launching her business. She’s breaking down how she went from doing her business for herself to turning towards community and networking. Learn how you can harness The Power of Networking and Connecting for Every Business Owner during our conversation with Sara.

Networking vs. Connecting

There’s a big difference between networking and connecting with people. Networking is the surface-level of asking general questions and meeting new people. Going beyond their names and what they do and making it more of an experience to really get to know them is what connecting is all about. Before you go into an opportunity, you need to decide what your focus is going to be.

What’s the Point of Connecting?

Why would I want to connect with others? When you walk into a networking opportunity thinking about the other person – what their needs might be, how you could serve them – it relieves this pressure of having to make a new best friend or create a sale. You’re connecting to serve others, and in return, you will be blessed!

The Benefits of Network for Everyone

Networking and connecting with others will benefit everyone’s businesses – whether you have an online business or an in-person, local business. The way you go about it might be different, but the benefits are the same. Even if you are brand new in business, there is still value in networking. You can show people that you are real, but you are ready to show up for people. 

Ignore the Excuses

There will always be fear that keeps us from putting ourselves out there. We can come up with endless excuses that will prevent us from starting. Use the resources you have like family and friends you already have to go with you to an event. Or ask around in Facebook groups if people know others in a certain area of expertise that they can connect you with.  We can ask for help – which is an important skill to have as a business owner!

It’s Not a Quick Win

This is a long game, which takes practice and patience. We need to step into maturity as a business owner to be willing to invest in this form of connecting with others. We also need to put on the armor of God – he has given us what we need to do this work! Know what you stand for, and how you want people to feel around you so that networking can work for you. 

The Power of Networking and Connecting for Every Business Owner

There is so much that goes into networking and connecting and Sara has shared so many great tips in this episode! But the most important tip she gave us was to get out there and get started!  

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