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Today on the podcast we have a special guest! We have Sarah Light, founder and creator of Sol Planners, a paper planner designed for the female entrepreneur who is goal-oriented and wants to make the most of their time. Her love of all things stationery, fonts, and beautiful design began in 7th grade when she […]

Christian womens business podcast with graphic with a woman holding a coffee cup with a stack of planners.

Aligning Your Values and Your Schedule In Your Business with Sarah Light

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Have you ever felt like you are too loud or too much for some people? Or maybe you’ve felt like you’re not enough. You don’t have the right credentials or experience. Or maybe you’ve even been told that being a woman disqualifies you from what you thought you were called to do. Today, as we […]

A christian women's podcast about God's upside down kingdom.

Empowering Voices of Women: The Upside-Down Message of Jesus

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This time of year can be focused on getting – new clothes, new household items, and lots of other amazing gifts. What if, instead, we took a few moments to think about what we need to eliminate? What is it in our lives that we need to leave behind in 2023? Now is a great […]

A Christian woman podcaster is sitting in a pink shirt leaning on her hand with the words It's time to hit unsuscribe about her Christian women's business podcast.

It’s Time To Hit Unsubscribe

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Are you ready for a curveball in your business like a medical diagnosis, an accident, or some other crisis you might face? Find out what you need to do in your business when life throws you a curveball and how our special guest, Jennifer Starbuck, responded to her own crisis that came her way in […]

A light blue and dark blue graphic for a Christian women's business podcast with Jennifer Starbuck about what to do in your business when life throws you a curveball.

What To Do In Your Business When Life Throws You A Curveball: With Jennifer Starbuck

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It’s that time of year! We are out of the start of the school year honeymoon period and we’re about to be thrust into the holiday season. We’re just stuck in October. So what is nourishing your soul in this season? It’s time for a breath of fresh air to bring a little new life […]

This graphic for a Christian business podcast for women has a phone with the picture of two christian business owners looking at a laptop and working together while talking about what is nourshing their souls this season.

What’s Nourishing Your Soul in this Season?

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Today on the women in business podcast, we’re highlighting the story of Lisa’s other biz bestie, Jo Espejo! She is a branding photographer from Florida who has learned the power of pivoting and aligning her business with her values. Listen in as she talks about nailing her niche and how she exploded her business last […]

A picture of a Christian woman business owner sitting on the floor in front of a table with the graphic about nailing your niche for your business.

Nailing Your Niche: How Special Guest Jo Espejo Exploded Her Business Last Year

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We are 31 weeks into 2023! Do those New Year’s Resolutions you created feel like they are now outdated or simply forgotten? At this point in the year, if you can’t even remember what they were, it’s time for a new plan! The beginning of school can be like the start of a new year […]

Two women sitting and breaking pencils to symbolize their Christian women's business podcast about reigniting your business.

Reignite Your Business

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Our phones and technology are not inherently bad. However, they can be a huge distraction and start to take over our lives in ways we don’t even realize. Is your phone (and all of the notifications that are constantly beeping) running your life? Today we’re breaking down 5 ways your phone is impacting your life […]

A Yellow background and a graphic of a phone with a woman christian businessness podcast host hiding behind a computer and the words "is it time for a digital detox"?

Is it time for a Digital Detox? Reclaiming Your Life from Your Phone

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Summertime is right around the corner – and with it comes the sun, pool time, and a more relaxed pace. But for many, it can also bring the challenge of how to get the work done when your kids are home. All too often, you can feel the tension between getting work done in your […]

A Yellow graphic with white stars and what words that say Preparing for a productive summer. A graphic for a Christian women's business podcast and online businesses.

Preparing for a Productive Summer: Advice for Business Owners