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It’s Time To Hit Unsubscribe

A Christian woman podcaster is sitting in a pink shirt leaning on her hand with the words It's time to hit unsuscribe about her Christian women's business podcast.

This time of year can be focused on getting – new clothes, new household items, and lots of other amazing gifts. What if, instead, we took a few moments to think about what we need to eliminate? What is it in our lives that we need to leave behind in 2023? Now is a great time to hit unsubscribe to whatever is holding us back. 

The Three Areas That Are Holding You Back

The three areas we’re going to explore today are related to your business, your mindset, and your personal life. As we’re hitting unsubscribe, keep in mind that some of these don’t have to be permanent. If you unfollow someone on social media, you can always go back and follow them again in the future. 

What can you leave behind in 2023 that will help you feel lighter, more free, and ready to tackle anything in 2024? 

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