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Overcoming Pivot Anxiety in Entrepreneurship

A Christian business podcast about overcoming anxiety in entrepreneurship.

If you have been in business for any amount of time you know that growth and change are part of owning a business.  When it is time to change and pivot, inevitably anxiety follows. Pivots are a huge part of owning a business. It is a constant evolution. Today on our Christian Business Podcast for Women, we are talking about Overcoming Pivot Anxiety in Entrepreneurship. 

Stop the Pressure

Hate to break it to you, but no one is paying that close of attention to you and your business. Don’t worry about people judging you and wondering what you are doing. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself and the pivot. You don’t have to be married to it FOREVER.

Everyone is Scared

Everyone is scared of a pivot in their business, but those who are at the top…do it scared. They take the leap. Pull the plug, communicate with your people and just go! You don’t always have to have the whole thing planned out before you start. Don’t get paralyzed and just take the first step.

The Future is Counting on You

6 months from now you are going to wish you had started today! The pivot might be scary and unknown, but your future self will thank you. When you make a pivot and change you can show up more authentically, speak more clearly to your clients and serve people really well.

Don’t stay stuck! Don’t let new things keep you afraid. It is time to start Overcoming Pivot Anxiety in Entrepreneurship and moving your business forward.

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