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Empowering Voices of Women: The Upside-Down Message of Jesus

A christian women's podcast about God's upside down kingdom.

Have you ever felt like you are too loud or too much for some people? Or maybe you’ve felt like you’re not enough. You don’t have the right credentials or experience. Or maybe you’ve even been told that being a woman disqualifies you from what you thought you were called to do. Today, as we celebrate Jesus’ birth, we also celebrate that he brought an upside down kingdom. We get to hear from the Empowering Voices of Women: The Upside-Down Message of Jesus in this week’s Christian women’s business podcast.

He didn’t come to sit in a palace and talk to rich people. He came to seek and save the lost. Jesus also came to elevate those who were overlooked, misunderstood, and told they were too much or not enough. Those were his people. Today on the podcast we’re talking all about how Jesus empowered women to use their voices and their special gifts to share who he was with the world. Be encouraged from the Empowering Voices of Women: The Upside-Down Message of Jesus! Be bold! You might be afraid, but God is with you. 

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