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We are 31 weeks into 2023! Do those New Year’s Resolutions you created feel like they are now outdated or simply forgotten? At this point in the year, if you can’t even remember what they were, it’s time for a new plan! The beginning of school can be like the start of a new year for you in your business to help you reignite your business for the rest of 2023!

Treat August Like a New Year

There can be a lot of self-imposed pressure about setting goals on January 1. You’ve just come through the holidays, you’re tired, and there’s a lot of hype around starting something new on the first day of the year. Take that pressure off and treat August like the new year. Set new goals, put a few new rhythms into place as you are getting your kids back to school, and prioritize working on routines in your business. 

Look Back at the Goals You Started

Did you purchase a new program that you didn’t finish? Was there a financial goal you haven’t hit yet? Look back at what you started, see what you’ve accomplished, and where you need to make a tweak. Now is the time to look at your goals and make a plan to finish them by the end of 2023. Make yourself a 6-week challenge to jumpstart your goals for a short period of time. These goals might be business related, or business-adjacent (it helps you, which in turn, helps your business). 

Looking Forward Towards 2024 to Reignite Your Business

2024 is going to be here sooner than we would like. Take a few minutes to look ahead to the new year and think about where you want to be. What can you start doing now to hit that goal by the start of 2024? There are often small steps you can start taking today that will have a big impact over time. The other benefit is that when you have smaller successes, it motivates you to accomplish even bigger goals! Aren’t sure what to do? Ask God! He will help you see what areas need some focus, and then be willing to listen to what he has to say! 

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