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Nailing Your Niche: How Special Guest Jo Espejo Exploded Her Business Last Year

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Today on the women in business podcast, we’re highlighting the story of Lisa’s other biz bestie, Jo Espejo! She is a branding photographer from Florida who has learned the power of pivoting and aligning her business with her values. Listen in as she talks about nailing her niche and how she exploded her business last year. 

Niching Down + Thriving In Her Business

When it comes to niching down, covering it in prayer and seeing what was working and what wasn’t really helped Jo be able to make a pivot. She decided to shut down part of her business that was actually making her money, but wasn’t aligned with how she wanted to be living. When she was finally able to define who she was talking to and who her audience was, the struggles didn’t go away, but it did allow her to dial into the work she wanted to be doing and shifting the hours she wanted to work.

It is time to stop letting fear dictate how you are going to run your business and your life. 

Knowing What You’re Strengths Are

When you are thinking about what kind of pivot you want to make, there are some great questions you can ask yourself. What am I good at? What brings me joy? Am I exhausted at the end of doing a particular kind of work? Or does a particular kind of work bring you life? Think about what works for you. If you are just exhausted by what you are doing, that leads to burnout. Use the experiences of what is draining to you as a confirmation that it isn’t what you want to be doing and then be willing to make a change. 

Reaching the Next Level In Your Business

If you want to reach the next big level, it’s going to take setting some big goals and shifting your mindset. I used to think you just had to work hard to be successful. My most significant breakthrough when my mindset shifted. I am a professional. You can do this, too. YOu can be successful. My goal is to be a successful career woman and put my family first. You can do both

Give yourself permission to dream that big, and then do it scared. If your business isn’t aligned with who you are, make a change. You’ll have to stop “squirreling out” on every little idea. Decide where you’re going to go and then go that way. In addition, take the opportunity to collaborate with other women in business vs. trying to do everything on your own. Align yourself with someone who is already doing the work. Don’t wait for someone to approach you – make that first step! 

In the end, you have to define what success looks like to you. It can’t be what success looks like for someone else!

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