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What It Really Means to Work 10 Hours Per Week in Your Business

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In a world dominated by digital platforms and the allure of remote work, you’ve likely come across enticing claims like, “I only work 2 hours per day” or “I run my business in just 10 hours per week.” These declarations of a seemingly luxurious work-life balance can be incredibly captivating, sparking both inspiration and skepticism. In this episode, we dive deep into the truth behind these alluring promises and the work they have done to be able to work only 10 hours per week. We are also talking about what you can do now to start building a business where you work as little – or as much – as you want to. 

They Have Done the Work

Business owners that work 10 hours per week have done the work. They have put in the 30, 40, 60+ hour weeks for months or even years to be able to step out of their business and work less now. Also, they may have built a business before, and that cuts down on the learning curve significantly. You can build this kind of business, too, but you have to put in the work first. 

They Have Built a Team

Behind the scenes, a key component to this reduced workload is the creation of a well-oiled team. While the individual might only clock in 10 hours a week, their business doesn’t thrive solely on their efforts. They most likely have a team of people working for them, including graphic designers, online business managers, social media experts, and podcast editors. Even if you don’t have the ability to hire someone today, start working towards this goal in your business. 

They Have Automations and Workflows

Business owners who work less hours in their business have automations and well-defined workflows. Every process is streamlined and follows set protocols, freeing up mental space and time for the business owner. As you begin your journey into building a business, or if you’ve already started, now is the time to set these up for yourself. 

They Know the Process is Gradual

Those who say they work 10 hours per week on their business probably didn’t start out that way. Transitioning from a substantial workload to a fraction of it is a gradual process. It’s a journey from 40 hours to 10, not an overnight transformation. Similarly, expanding a team isn’t an abrupt addition of 10 new members; it’s a progressive undertaking. Embrace the journey; recognize that this transformation takes time. Embrace the incremental shifts, acknowledging that the transition to a reduced workload and a robust team happens gradually. Put in the work now to get the payoff later! 

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