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How Repelling People Grows Your Business

Two Christian women business owners sit on either side of an orange couch discussing their podcast about how repelling people grows your business.

Are you prepared to repel people in your business? Today’s women in business podcast episode is a vulnerable one as Lisa shares her personal struggles with this idea and the mindset shifts she had to make in her own business. There is power in attracting the right people by repelling the wrong ones and freedom comes with being clear about what you do and don’t do. Plus, being vulnerable and sharing your unique story to connect with your target audience can be a powerful tool to attract the right people. It’s time to embrace the idea of how repelling people grows your business.

The Fear that Comes with Niching Down

I (Lisa) vividly remember the knot in my stomach as I resisted niching down, convincing myself that it wasn’t for me. I felt pressured to succeed and believed that serving more people meant more success. But in reality, it led to marketing chaos, self-doubt, and frustration. It wasn’t until I embraced my specific niche that I found clarity, made more money, and experienced peace.

In the end, the steps I took to overcome mindset barriers and scarcity mentality was crucial. Trusting in God’s plan and knowing exactly who I was meant to serve simplified everything. Rather than being a jack-of-all-trades photographer, I focused on my core clientele, leading to clarity and peace. How do you need to focus in on your ideal clients in your business? 

How Repelling People Grows Your Business

The word “repel” felt uncomfortable—I feared not being liked by everyone. But in business, you can’t serve everyone, and that’s okay. If you’re attracting people, you’ll inevitably repel others. Embrace this reality and trust that you’re serving your ideal clients by being true to your niche.

Instead of worrying about losing potential clients, focus on serving your niche authentically. Collaborate with trusted colleagues who can serve those outside your niche, fostering a spirit of mutual support and referrals. How can you focus on serving your potential clients authentically?

Vulnerability is the Key to Connection

People want to connect with real humans, not brands. They don’t want AI chat bots or robot answers. They crave human relationships. By embracing vulnerability within your niche, you create authentic connections that resonate deeply with your audience.

Your uniqueness and vulnerability are your superpowers. Go back and listen to Episode 79 where we talk about discovering your uniqueness and leveraging your story for both business and ministry. How can you incorporate your uniqueness into your business? 

Simplify in Order to Repel People to Grow Your Business

Perhaps God is calling you to shut down certain aspects of your business or repel specific clientele. Remember, obedience brings freedom, and clarity follows when you align with God’s plan. It can feel scary at first, but once you fully embrace the people you actually want to work with, the freedom comes along with that. 

Don’t miss Episode 57 on pivoting, where I share my personal journey of finding peace and success by obediently embracing change. As you think about growing your business, even if it means repelling some people, is there an area where you need to simplify, trust, and speak more clearly? 

If you’re struggling to identify your brand’s vision, value, voice, visuals, and vehicle, take Lisa’s Branding Quiz. It’s a valuable tool to assess your brand’s alignment and ensure you’re maximizing your potential for both profit and peace of mind and goes to show how How Repelling People Grows Your Business.

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