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A Christian business podcast for women about style advice and confidence with Courtney Robinson.

Courtney Robinson, a style mentor and speaker, is breaking down the connection between faith and fashion. We’re talking all about the importance of reflecting one’s values and beliefs through personal style. As always on the podcast, our guest is giving us practical tips for choosing clothes that fit well and advises creating a capsule wardrobe. She’s also giving our listeners a  quiz to help individuals discover their personal style! Tune in to today’s episode where we learn all about confidence building style advice for entrepreneurs with our guest, Courtney Robinson!

Personal Style is a Reflection of Our Values and Beliefs

What we wear portrays an important message and helps us to embrace our authenticity. Does what I’m wearing help me to actually shine in my brilliance? Do the colors I wear display what I believe in my business? How we choose to dress impacts how we feel and how people perceive us. Some of us are hiding in plain sight and it’s time for us to step out in boldness! 

Dress for Success

As we move beyond the pandemic, we’re finding that we can’t just wear what we wore behind the computer. What we wear and how we present ourselves impacts how people perceive us. First, it impacts us when we show up more confidently and people take notice of that. It also influences the people who are watching – it magnatizes your message by what you are wearing and they want to be part of that. Clothing is a silent communicator. 

The Role of Fashion and Business

As women of faith, we have permission to be confident and proud of who God created us to be. We can be excited about how we look and take notice of what looks nice. There are four elements to our style: poise, passion, presence, and purpose. All of those reflect how we’re showing up. What is it you are called to do and how are you serving people? Do the colors you love that also reflect your values? What are those qualities about yourself that help you in your business? And what are those barriers that are keeping you from showing up as your highest version? These are the questions that help start the conversation towards building your style. 

Practical Confidence Building Style Advice

When it comes to advice, Courtney’s number once piece of advice is that fit is key. Wear clothes that fit well. This may require some tailoring to get the best fit. Courtney also recommends a capsule wardrobe, because if we’re only wearing 20% of our clothes, then it’s really about just having the right clothes. When we aren’t putting in the effort with our clothes, we’re missing out on ways to make ourselves more comfortable and confident. Someone is always paying attention, so when we put in the effort it impacts not only us to shine a little brighter, but also others take notice, too!

Not sure where to start? Courtney gives some great advice on what you can do to partner with her to get started building confidence through your style. 

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