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Redefining Success: Encouragement for Entrepreneurs

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It’s really easy to get stuck in a cycle of thinking “I’m not a success” or “my business isn’t working” and it can be downright discouraging! But it’s not necessarily true – we’re just stuck in a moment. We have to have a way to define success and measure it so we can see clearly what we’re actually experiencing in our business. Let’s work together to redefine success with a side of encouragement for the weary entrepreneur! 

Take an Inventory

Write down what success looks like for you. Take some time to think about what that means for you, your business, and your family. This is why owning a business is so amazing – you get to define this for yourself! Invite God into the process. What would he say about your business and success? Having this inventory will help guide your work, remind you of why you are doing it, and keep you on track when you start to get discouraged. 

Failure is Inevitable

We don’t like to hear this and we really don’t like to talk about it, but you have to be comfortable with failure. You can’t let a failure – bit or small – throw you completely off course when it comes your way. It’s also remembering that it really is not about the failure, it’s about how you react to it after. When we are free to talk about our failures, we can encourage others. Most of the time people at the top don’t want to admit that they still have failures – but they do! How encouraging is that? We have to redefine failure for ourselves so that we know how to react when it comes our way.  

Redefining Success: Encouragement for Entrepreneurs

 Here are some achievable success markers you can use to help you in writing a personal definition of success. 

  1. Set an achievable goal.
  2. Write down your daily wins 
  3. Celebrate – Check out Episode 24 for more on this!
  4. Practice Gratitude
  5. Be flexible and allow for change along the way

Get the rest of the list by listening to the episode!

Flip the Script

It might be time for you to flip the script on failure and success. Check out this story about a million dollar mistake (or was it?) that a Chick-fil-a employee made in 1982 and be encouraged! You can rewrite your own definition of success! We hope this episode about Redefining Success: Encouragement for Entrepreneurs was helpful!

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