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Social Media Jumpstart: Quick and Simple Strategies to Take You to the Next Level

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When I (Lisa) started out in business 12 years ago, I had no website. For over a year, I got the word out via Facebook. It wasn’t until at least a year into being in business before I had a website. Social media was my website. Oh how times have changed! Social Media now is a must, but yet it can be so overwhelming. It’s time to harness the power of social media as a business owner.  Today we are going to be giving you a social media jumpstart with quick and simple strategies to take you to the next level. 

Choose Your Weapon

Choose one platform and stick to it. Claim your handle on other platforms and at least do a profile and a link for them to connect with you elsewhere, but really focus on one platform at a time when you are doing all of your social media yourself. Think about where your audience likes to hang out and what you enjoy doing – don’t let others tell you that one platform is better than another. 

Focus on Your Bio

Spend some time on your bio. It should be like a miniature website. Make sure it is up to date, that you have the correct links. Make sure your profile picture is easy to see and that it matches across all of your platforms. Tell who you serve, what you do,   and why you are different. Also, if you are in the service industry…say where you are located! This is valuable real estate – so invest in having good information in this area of your social media!  

Have 3-5 Regular Posts

Have 3-5 things that you post about regularly. These are your content pillars. Make sure that all of your posts revolve around those pillars. It will make it so much easier to create content. With those content pillars, if you can write 4 thoughts or ideas about each pillar, that’s 20 posts for the month! This can be a challenge at the beginning – but press through, try something, and then learn from what people interact with. 

Stick to a Schedule

Figure out how often you are going to post and make it realistic. Stick to what makes sense for you. Consistency is what you make it – it doesn’t mean doing it every day. You can opt to make a schedule.  For example, each day of the week has a theme. Don’t forget to take advantage of cross posting to multi-platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Utilize the same content across all platforms, just tweak it as necessary.

There are lots of tools that can help you make this process easier, with many of them being free, like the Meta Business suite. Use Canva to create graphics. Purchase templates to make the process faster and easier. You can also hire a college student to help you, or even an expert. Finally, batching your content may be a good option for you! Hopefully this Social Media Jumpstart: Quick and Simple Strategies to Take You to the Next Level helps you in your social media marketing!

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