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Finding True Freedom in a World of False Promises as a Christian Business Owner

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Many of us have heard the promises of freedom in the coaching world. If we make enough money, work on our own schedule, or homeschool our children, we can experience the freedom we desire. However, these promises can be misleading and can actually make us miserable. Today we’re breaking down finding true freedom in a world of false promises as a Christian business owner. 

Could We Be Wrong About Freedom?

The truth is that real freedom is not about what we earn or what we do. It’s about who we are and who God has asked us to be. So, even when we are in chains or facing adversity, we can experience true freedom by stepping into God’s calling for our lives.

Freedom Wasn’t Meant to Be Hoarded

Freedom is not meant to be hoarded but is best experienced when we help others find their own freedom. Whether it’s through helping others start their own business or breaking free from cultural norms and prejudices, we can experience freedom by helping others find it.

Freedom Isn’t Just for Some

Freedom should not be limited by cultural norms, religious rules, or prejudices. Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord can experience freedom and step into God’s invitation for their lives.

The story of Junia, mentioned in Romans 16:7, shows us that women can also be leaders in the church and break free from societal norms and expectations. By stepping into the freedom that God has for us and helping others do the same, we can experience true freedom and fulfillment.

Let us focus on helping others find freedom and break free from the chains that hold us back. By doing so, we can experience the amazing freedom that God has for us right here, right now.

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