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The Power of Taking Time to Remember for Business Growth

Two Christian women business owners sit back to back and talk about the power of taking time to remember for business growth for their christian business podcast for women.

What happens when we forget to look back on our progress? Taking time to remember isn’t always at the top of our to do list, but today on the women in business podcast, we’re exploring how powerful this practice can be for business growth. Just as throughout the Old and New Testaments, individuals and communities often forgot God’s faithfulness amidst their struggles, we too can easily overlook the ways in which God has been moving in our lives and businesses. Take a few minutes today to listen in as we break down the power of taking time for your business and remembering for growth. 

The Problems with Forgetting to Remember

In the hustle and bustle of daily tasks, it’s common to lose sight of the progress we’ve made and the blessings we’ve received. This forgetfulness can lead to discouragement, frustration, and a sense of being stuck in our business endeavors. However, recognizing this tendency is the first step in addressing it. By acknowledging our human tendency to forget, we create space to intentionally remember God’s faithfulness and the progress we’ve made.

Remembering for Growth

So, how do we cultivate a spirit of remembrance in our business journey? One practical solution is to take a walk down memory lane. Reflecting on where we were five years ago allows us to see the growth and transformation that have taken place. By asking ourselves probing questions about our past circumstances, dreams, and challenges, we gain valuable insights into God’s faithfulness and guidance throughout our entrepreneurial journey.

However, looking back isn’t always easy. As forward-thinkers, we may struggle to dwell in the past. Yet, embracing this practice of remembrance is essential for building trust in God’s plans for our future. By acknowledging our past experiences and recognizing how far we’ve come, we can move forward with confidence, knowing that God has been with us every step of the way.

Where are You Now?

Taking time to remember also involves taking stock of our current situation. Where are we now compared to five years ago? What milestones have we achieved, and what challenges are we facing? By honestly assessing our present circumstances, we gain clarity on God’s invitations and the next steps in our entrepreneurial journey.

In this process of reflection, we may encounter areas of disappointment or unfulfilled expectations. It’s crucial to acknowledge these feelings and allow ourselves to grieve losses while also seeking God’s guidance for the way forward. Additionally, celebrating our successes and milestones is essential for fostering a spirit of gratitude and giving glory to God for His provision.

A Powerful Practice for Remembering for Growth

Ultimately, remembering to remember is a powerful practice for cultivating faith, resilience, and growth in our businesses. By acknowledging God’s faithfulness in the past, embracing our present circumstances, and seeking His guidance for the future, we position ourselves for continued success and Kingdom impact in the world of business and remembering for growth.

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