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Today is week #2 of our Summer Sabbatical! We’re dropping one of our most practical episodes! We’re sharing the most essential tools that keep our businesses running smoothly. But with so many options out there, how do you choose? We’ve got you covered with practical tips and the top five programs for your business. We’re […]

Two Christian women business owners dancing around and talking about 5 programs they can't live without in their business for their Christian business podcast for women.

The Top 5 Programs For Your Business

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Help! My offer isn’t converting! We’ve all been there – had a moment of panic about our offer not selling and our first reaction is to change everything. In today’s women in business podcast episode, we delve into a common dilemma faced by entrepreneurs – what to do when your offer isn’t selling. Often, the […]

A picture of two woman Christian business owners and podcasters looking at the camera with a description that says "Help! My offer isn't converting".

What to do When Your Offer Isn’t Converting!

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Today on the podcast we have a special guest! We have Sarah Light, founder and creator of Sol Planners, a paper planner designed for the female entrepreneur who is goal-oriented and wants to make the most of their time. Her love of all things stationery, fonts, and beautiful design began in 7th grade when she […]

Christian womens business podcast with graphic with a woman holding a coffee cup with a stack of planners.

Aligning Your Values and Your Schedule In Your Business with Sarah Light

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When I (Lisa) started out in business 12 years ago, I had no website. For over a year, I got the word out via Facebook. It wasn’t until at least a year into being in business before I had a website. Social media was my website. Oh how times have changed! Social Media now is […]

Two christian women podcasters sitting together on a couch and a graphic that says Social media jumpstart: quick and simple strategies to take you to the next level. For a podcast for christian women business owners and ceos.

Social Media Jumpstart: Quick and Simple Strategies to Take You to the Next Level

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Many of us have heard the promises of freedom in the coaching world. If we make enough money, work on our own schedule, or homeschool our children, we can experience the freedom we desire. However, these promises can be misleading and can actually make us miserable. Today we’re breaking down finding true freedom in a […]

A graphic for a Christian business women podcast. It shows two women holding their hands open over their laptop computers with their podcast mics on the desk. The episode is titled Finding True Freedom in a World of False Promises

Finding True Freedom in a World of False Promises as a Christian Business Owner

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Our phones and technology are not inherently bad. However, they can be a huge distraction and start to take over our lives in ways we don’t even realize. Is your phone (and all of the notifications that are constantly beeping) running your life? Today we’re breaking down 5 ways your phone is impacting your life […]

A Yellow background and a graphic of a phone with a woman christian businessness podcast host hiding behind a computer and the words "is it time for a digital detox"?

Is it time for a Digital Detox? Reclaiming Your Life from Your Phone

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Scaling Your Business with Outsourcing: How to Delegate So You Can Grow How do you know when it’s time to outsource tasks for your business? Sometimes our initial reaction can be “I can’t afford it.” It’s important to think about this a little differently. Start by figuring out how much you make per hour – […]

Two Christian business women and podcast hosts sitting on a couch looking at each other with a graphic that talks about scaling your business through outsourcing.

Scaling Your Business with Outsourcing: How to Delegate So You Can Grow

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Making decisions about what programs to use in your business can be overwhelming! We know we need them – but which ones are right for your business and how do you choose? We’re diving into this topic today on our women in business podcast, including choosing the right programs for your business and the top 5 we cannot live without! 

A photo of a bouquet of pencils and the words 5 business programs we can't live without for a Christian women's business podcast.

Choosing the Right Programs for Your Business