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It’s really easy to get stuck in a cycle of thinking “I’m not a success” or “my business isn’t working” and it can be downright discouraging! But it’s not necessarily true – we’re just stuck in a moment. We have to have a way to define success and measure it so we can see clearly […]

A white background with two Christian women business owners who have a podcast called the Christian business breakdown. The image is a phone with a picture of two women sitting back to back on an orange couch talking about how to redefine success and encouragement for entrepreneurs.

Redefining Success: Encouragement for Entrepreneurs

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In a world dominated by digital platforms and the allure of remote work, you’ve likely come across enticing claims like, “I only work 2 hours per day” or “I run my business in just 10 hours per week.” These declarations of a seemingly luxurious work-life balance can be incredibly captivating, sparking both inspiration and skepticism. […]

An image of two Christian women in business talking about their podcast about what it really means to work 10 hours per week in your business

What It Really Means to Work 10 Hours Per Week in Your Business