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Being Clear is Kind When It Comes to Your Christian Business

Two Christian women business owners and podcasters sit looking at a graphic that is talking about being clear and kind in your business.

Today we’re breaking down why being clear is actually an act of kindness in our businesses, for ourselves, our clients, and our team. Often, we omit essential details, attempting to be “nice” by avoiding topics like pricing or refund policies. However, this lack of clarity can leave our clients and team members feeling disconnected and uncertain, so let’s break down why being clear is kind when it comes to your Christian business.

Why Being Clear is Actually Kind

Clear communication not only avoids misunderstandings but also builds trust and rapport—crucial elements for successful relationships in the business landscape of 2024. Furthermore, it saves valuable time and resources, ultimately contributing to financial success.

Why We Avoid Being Clear

There is a common misconception that being clear is synonymous with being direct or rude. We explore the tendency to prioritize people-pleasing over clarity, inadvertently doing the opposite of what we intend.In addition, we avoid being clear simply because we aren’t clear for ourselves. We believe the lie that being clear makes us more flexible and opens more doors, but the opposite is often true. 

4 Areas In Your Business to Get Clear On

There are four key areas to get clear on in your business this year. These include honing our messaging and branding, defining our framework for helping others uniquely, providing comprehensive details about our offers, and crafting a freedom plan aligned with our goals and God’s invitation.

How to Be More Clear and Kind In Your Business

Recognizing and naming the struggle is the first step towards being more clear in your business. Also, seeking guidance from coaches, getting clear on our own information, simplifying processes and language, and seeking input from others are other ways we can be more clear. Additionally, don’t forget the importance of prayer in navigating the journey towards clarity and kindness in your business.

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