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How and When to Hire Your First or Next Business Coach

How and when to hire your first or next business coach. A graphic of two busines women who are podcasters and christian business coaches.

In today’s episode of our Christian podcasts for women, we open up about the common misconception of going it alone in the world of entrepreneurship. Often, we believe that the plethora of resources available on platforms like YouTube and Pinterest can guide us through every step. However, as we delve into the realities of pursuing our goals, whether in weight loss, starting a family, running a marathon, or advancing our businesses, we come to a pivotal realization – the need for external expertise. This episode centers on the crucial topic of how and when to hire your first or next business coach.

When Do I Hire a Business Coach?

Discover the critical moment when going solo is no longer viable. Acknowledge the vast gap between where you are and where you want to be, realizing that a coach can help assemble the puzzle pieces efficiently. The key is saving valuable time, energy, and avoiding frustration by adopting a proven plan that works. As a business owner, spending time to reflect on the gap between your current state and your desired destination will give you clarity about your need for a coach. Ask yourself if you can bridge this gap alone.

Identify the Need for a Business Coach

Recognize the need for a coach by getting comfortable with your limitations as a business owner. Know what your desired end point is before you hire someone. Distinguish between areas where you need to push ahead independently and areas requiring external guidance. It’s about understanding the need for help rather than solely considering the financial aspect. Identify the aspects of your business where you need the most help versus those that require minor adjustments and research.

Put Yourself in the Driver’s Seat

Empower yourself as the CEO of your business. Clearly define your needs, outcomes, and the type of coach you require to bridge the gap in your business. Conduct thorough research, seek recommendations from trusted individuals, and check out their free or low-cost offers before signing up with them for a bigger investment. Consider if working with a Christian coach aligns with your values and priorities. Be sure to define the outcomes you seek and explore the different coaching options available.

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