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How to Get Your Life Back: Empowering Sarah Jones with Jonesy Art

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How do you get people an incredible transformation in just 60 minutes? On today’s women in business podcast, we’re pulling back the curtain with a behind the scenes look at our Empowerment Calls. Today we’re sharing a short clip from one of our calls with Artist and Business Owner, Sarah Jones. Her business exploded and she suddenly found herself working more than she wanted to. We helped her see how she could get her life back by empowering her in her business. You are going to love this conversation about How to Get Your Life Back: Empowering Sarah Jones with Jonesy Art.

Our Coaching Calls Are Different

Our coaching calls are different – we don’t just verbally vomit on you with everything you should be doing. We help coach you to be the CEO of your own business because ultimately that’s what helps you be empowered. By asking targeted questions to help you uncover the best steps for you and your business, not just what works for us. We’re also great time managers so keep the call moving so we can accomplish a lot in a short period of time! 

How to Get Your Life Back

As a business owner, our time is valuable. On this call, we helped Sarah create a schedule that works for her, even if it will take her a little bit of time to implement it. There’s also a lot of freedom in simply tweaking what you already offer that fall with your sweet spot and meets your audience’s needs. This isn’t about doing more, it’s about doing the work that will serve your business well. Another way to get your offers to fill up and to get your life back is to create some scarcity in her offers so more people will sign up. 

But the value doesn’t stop there! We follow up with our clients a few weeks after the call and often find that they have had continued success after the call with us!  How to Get Your Life Back: Empowering Sarah Jones with Jonesy Art did the same thing!

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