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Welcome To The Christian Business Breakdown

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Welcome to the Christian Business Breakdown Podcast with Lisa Lord and Sarah Jacobson. Although we are two teachers turned business owners we have taken very different paths to business ownership! This is the newest faith-led womens business podcast and if you’re a business owner you are in the right place! Coaches, course-creators, creatives, shop owners …whatever your business, we are here for you!

Get To Know Us

In our first episode, we are sitting down to get to know each other, how we met, our journey to becoming business owners, and how we arrived at The Christian Business Breakdown Podcast. Additionally, you will learn all about us (Lisa & Sarah), our businesses as well as how we have spent the last year becoming business besties. Our goal is to spread our knowledge and empower and encourage other business owners!

Learn How To Be An Empowered CEO

Regardless of your journey to business ownership, this is the podcast for you! If you’re ready to be the expert of your business, find encouragement, and have a few laughs along the way, join us for this very first podcast episode! Subtract out the other business podcasts that just tell you what to do – and join us to learn how you can be the CEO of your business!

What are you waiting for? Grab a Dr. Pepper or your favorite drink and get ready to meet your new business besties! Following along with our journey will no doubt, encourage you in yours.

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Tired of struggling to make decisions in your business? If you want to feel confident about making the right choice every time, get our free ADDS Model Guide: Making Expert Business Decisions. Be the empowered CEO your business needs! Check out our website for more practical tips for your faith-led business.

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