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Finding Authenticity In a Changing Market

A picture of Brooke Boltz a woman lawyer and entrepreneur is a guest on the Christian business breakdown, a podcast for Christian women who are in business and discusses how to find authenticity in a changing market which is important for Christian women business owners.

This week on the podcast, we are privileged to have Brooke Boltz, a fellow entrepreneur, business owner, and podcast host. She has been a lawyer for over 15 years in Orlando, Florida. We break down everything from faith, pivoting, how she’s had to change her business, how she’s had to get deeper in relationships, what she’s tried and what’s worked and what hasn’t worked. Enjoy this podcast with Brooke Boltz from Ms Biz Podcast and Boltz Legal about Finding Authenticity In a Changing Market.

Finding Authenticity In a Changing Market by Bringing Your Faith into the Workplace

Brooke started her own law firm and found freedom in expressing her faith within the workplace. She candidly discusses the challenges of balancing faith and work in a large law firm environment and how she choose to go out on her own: Even choosing a bible verse to represent her law firm and show her role as a lawyer and the values she upholds.

Responding to the Changing Market as a Business Owner 

Brooke emphasizes the importance of adaptation and diversification in response to changes in laws and the business landscape. She shares practical strategies for standing out in a saturated market, including her innovative approach of creating a music video for marketing purposes. Without doubt, Brooke underscores the significance of building quality relationships with clients and surely becoming an expert within one’s own business domain.

When Doing Something New Isn’t the Right Answer

Brooke found herself in a saturated market, dealt with changing laws and therefore was forced to revamp her business model. The natural answer was to pivot into something new – a total restart for her and her business. She is forging a new path in the market where she was already established. 

Finding Authenticity In a Changing Market By Finding Your People

When it comes to building a business, it really is about quality, not quantity and consequently working with the people that you really want to work with. Networking has been a great way for Brooke to build relationships with the right people to bring them into her business. Brooke talks about how there is plenty of room at the table, and no need to compete with others when it comes to networking.

From navigating the intersection of faith and business to embracing change and fostering meaningful connections, Brooke’s journey serves as an inspiration for women in business seeking to thrive in their business and stand out in a saturated market. You are going to love this conversation about finding authenticity in a changing market.

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